What Our Patients Say!

“I have been experiencing arthritis pain in my neck as well as having a Cervicogenic headache on my right side. I have been to see a Neurologist, Rheumatologist and an Acupuncturist for treatments and then read an article in the Mimi newspaper about Advanced Musculoskeletal Pain. I tried everything else so I wanted to give this a try. Dr Delzell is wonderful to work with and she has a terrific staff. I have had several comprehensive appointments, treatments and advice. I am going through continuing treatments and it’s working. I strongly recommend Dr Delzell and her staff to anyone experiencing arthritis pain. I should add that the treatment can be costly but appears to be worth the money spent.”

June 6, 2024

“Very thorough and professional. Explained details of my condition in a way I could understand. I
highly recommend.”

May 20, 2024

“I just want to thank Dr. Delzell. She helped me in March and, I don’t want to jinx it, but she helped to end a 4 year nightmare for me and my back. I can work to my potential as a firefighter and I can hold my daughters again. I really appreciate your care.”

May 4, 2024

“I have been experiencing arthritis pain in my neck as well as having a Cervicogenic headache on my right side. I have been to see a Neurologist, Rheumatologist and an Acupuncturist for treatments and then read an article in the Mimi newspaper about Advanced Musculoskeletal Pain. I tried everything else so I wanted to give this a try. Dr Delzell is wonderful to work with and she has a terrific staff. I have had several comprehensive appointments, treatments and advice. I am going through continuing treatments and it’s working. I strongly recommend Dr Delzell and her staff to anyone experiencing arthritis pain.

May 2, 2024

“I’m extremely pleased with the referral to Dr. Delzell. Before this, I had visited multiple doctors and undergone a CT scan due to lower abdominal swelling and pain around my waistline. Despite the initial ultrasound of my abdomen (the primary reason for my visit) not revealing anything, Dr. Delzell was persistent in her search. She explored other potential areas related to my discomfort and ultimately identified a torn muscle, which was exerting pressure on my abdomen. Throughout the process, she ensured my well-being and maintained a high level of thoroughness. Dr. Delzell also demonstrated great patience, addressing all my inquiries with care. Additionally, the entire staff exhibited friendliness and helpfulness and provided a clean and comfortable environment. If you’re contemplating Advanced MMC, I highly recommend it.”

March 9, 2024

“Dr. Delzell asked me a lot of questions in order to determine my pain level and frequency. She explained everything she was doing. She then explained the results of the ultrasound. I understood the results which helped us determine the next steps in my treatment. Compassionate and caring women!”

March 8, 2024

“I’m not sure where to start… there’s not enough words or thanks I can give to Dr. Delzell and her staff for diagnosing and treating me. I have been coughing uncontrollably for 18 years (among other symptoms such as trouble swallowing, shortness of breath, digestive issues… the list goes on and on). I have seen countless doctors and have even traveled to multiple states seeking help. After one visit… ONE VISIT… Dr. Delzell quickly put everything together, consulted with a neurologist, and treated me with a laser. I cannot believe I’m saying this… but I’m going on 48 hours without coughing. Now instead of constantly coughing I can’t stop crying…but they are happy tears! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

February 3, 2024

“After years of dealing with chronic pain I finally have found Dr Delzell…. She is not only an expert in her field but also an extremely compassionate physician. What a wonderful combination!! I am experiencing relief I honestly never thought possible… Thank you Dr. Delzell!! also thank you to Sarah and the rest of Advanced MMC, Inc staff.”

January 21, 2024

“I’m feeling very grateful I was referred to Dr Delzell, as her ultrasound expertise identified a long standing issue in my hip. She even took the time to read MRI images from two years ago to have a greater understanding of the big picture. The clinic and staff are warm and welcoming, thorough and efficient!”

December 7, 2023

“I was amazed with Dr. Delzell’s ability to make a difference on how to treat my pain and the causes that I have suffered from for years and this was my first appointment. She, Ryan and Sara work like a well oiled machine, but they are profession women who greet you with warmth and kindness. I am confident and happy that I made the decision to make the appointment and excited to get started with my treatments.”

November 9, 2023

“Staff is kind and professional. Dr Delzell is thorough and comprehensive”

November 1, 2023

“Very detailed imaging, and spent the time to truly understand my pain and to accurately provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.”

September 18, 2023

“Dr. Delzell diagnostics expertise provided me with clearer details that the spine MD, orthopedic MD, MRIs, and X-rays did not. My experience with Dr. Delzell and her office staff was A++”

September 12, 2023

“Staff is kind and professional. Dr Delzell is thorough and comprehensive”

November 1, 2023

“Dr. Patricia Delzell took her time and exercised great patience to help me. After 4 1/2 months, numerous test, physical therapy and two physicians I finally received answers and a diagnosis. The office staff is amazing. I would highly recommend her services and already have!”

August 21, 2023

“So excited that someone can help me. Initial testing was the most thorough and professional. Tomorrow starts laser therapy and I’m so excited after 18 months and two surgeries.”

August 17, 2023

“I am very impressed with Dr. Delzell. She spent five hours reviewing my charts before meeting with me. She is extremely thorough. She asked about many aspects of my lifestyle and I am hopeful and confident that she will help my healing process. Ryan is patient and helpful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Delzell.”

August 4, 2023

“Everyone was professional. Answer all my questions and gave detailed explanations of procedures”

July 27, 2023

“Love love love everything about the entire experience ! The doc the staff the everything ! Thank you 🙏🏻”

July 24, 2023

“Dr Delzell was very thorough and kind and located my pain generator. Looking
forward to executing her treatment plan.”

July 10, 2023

“Exceptional help with diagnosing soft tissue injuries and imbalances using ultrasound. This type of diagnostic capacity is not commonly available through mainstream medicine practices. Offers a range of therapies, including laser treatment, for muscular-skeletal disorders and pain treatment/management”

July 2, 2023

“The doctor spent a lot of time with me! Diagnosed a problem I had been having for months with a clear path to recovery. I’m grateful I chose this practice and recommend to all!!”

June 20, 2023

“Dr. Delzell is truly an expert in her field. She pinpoints the exact problem and provides choices for your healthcare plan. I also appreciate the functional medicine aspect. She looks at all aspects of your health and suggests solutions. She has helped me decrease the pain in my shoulder blade, and regain my muscular strength. She has also helped me improve my blood work with nutritional supplements and suggestions. Thanks Dr. Delzell!”

June 15, 2023

“After multiple visits to Advanced MMC, I started to notice some relief, but it was after 10 weeks that my pain/tightness in my back and tingling/pain down my arm went away completely- This was an issue that I was dealing with for over a year… I did not think the issues would ever be resolved-I believe it was a combination of Dr. Delzell’s willingness to hear my concerns, her eagerness to help me feel better and knowledge to do so that ultimately helped me find relief- A huge thanks to not only her, but to her wonderful staff also. Sarah and Ryan go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable during treatment along with the ease of helping you schedule all your visits to get you in so you can start feeling yourself again!!! Thanks Advanced MMC!!”

May 16, 2023

“If I had one word to describe my experience with Dr. Delzell and her staff, it would be AMAZING. For over eight years, I have been struggling with persistent pain in my hip. Despite multiple surgeries, the source of the pain remained unknown. That is until I visited Dr. Delzell. From the first phone call to the moment I walked into the office, I was greeted by a friendly and welcoming staff. The environment was clean, comfortable, and professional. Dr. Delzell took the time to listen to my medical history and pain history and answer my questions before starting the ultrasound. I noticed that Dr. Delzell was incredibly patient and thorough during the procedure. I felt I was her only patient, and she was not looking to move on to the next appointment. Dr. Delzell took the time to explain each step of the process, ensuring I was comfortable throughout. She even encouraged questions and interactions to ensure she identified the root cause of the pain. And that she did! She pinpointed the exact source of my pain and designed a program to help alleviate it. I hope to finally find relief for the first time in eight years. Her expertise and dedication to her patients were evident from start to finish, and I am grateful to have found her. I highly recommend Dr. Delzell to anyone struggling with chronic pain or seeking an accurate diagnosis. Her use of diagnostic ultrasound was spot on, and her ability to identify the root cause of my pain was remarkable. Thank you, Dr. Delzell, for your commitment to helping me on my journey to recovery!”

May 12, 2023

“Phenomenal experience! I’m so relieved to have finally figured out what was wrong. I wish I
had found Dr Delzell sooner.”

May 3, 2023

“Unbelievable, Dr. Delzell was able to diagnose my condition in one visit. I’ve been to some of the most prestigious Orthopedic and Sports Medicine doctors from Cleveland to Columbus for years only to be misdiagnosed. Extremely grateful for Dr. Delzell! Great office staff made it very easy to schedule and follow up with any questions”

May 2, 2023

“I first discovered Dr. Delzell in Mimi Magazine. I was very intrigued by the treatments that were offered. I presented the information to one of my Orthopedic Surgeons. He happened to be friends with Dr. Delzell and has the utmost respect for her. He actually called Dr. Delzell during my office visit about my situation and ultimately referred me to her. Dr. Delzell is a very calm, confident and warm-hearted individual. She is definitely a master of her craft. She truly cares about your well-being and is a great problem-solver. Dr. Delzell is a gem and the world would definitely be a better place with more Dr’s and people in general like her. I am very grateful for all of Dr. Delzell’s help in eliminating the pain I have been suffering from the last twelve months. The results are impressive. It’s a blessing being able to do all of my favorite activities pain-free again. I have the greatest appreciation for this amazing woman! Last but not least Dr. Delzell wouldn’t be able to perform her wizardry without an awesome supporting staff. Ryan & Sarah run this first class operation very efficiently. They are both very friendly and organized. They go out of their way to accommodate you and make sure that you have the best experience possible. Wishing you all the best of everything, Michael PS: Go Guardians⚾️❤️ ”

March 21, 2023

“Dr. Delzell and her staff have all been so kind to me in these past months…always welcoming, friendly, and patiently understanding. I am sincerely grateful!”

Feb 14, 2023

“Dr. Delzell and her staff are kind, compassionate, and caring. They provide aroma therapy and music of choice. The injections aren’t fun, but that’s the nature of the procedure I had. I recommend them for musculoskeletal issues that need extra treatments.”

Feb 9, 2023

“This was my second Ultrasound consultation with Dr Delzell and the best part is that she is extremely thorough. Making sure to take the time to fully investigate my issue, and any additional contributing factors. The office staff is quick to respond, pleasant, and professional. Totally worth it.”

Feb 9, 2023

“This doctor is amazing. First of all, she speaks to you while you are wearing your street clothes which feels like she sees “the whole you.” Then she takes her time getting your back story and past tests, doctors, etc. Then her friendly staff tells you how to prepare for your tests/appointment. After putting on my gown, the doctor took a lot of time doing the ultrasound and explaining her findings. She is helping me find a doctor and PT staff to handle my issue. Doctor Delzell is really here to help. I did not feel like a number. I really feel like she is wanting to help me work towards my best healthy self! ”

Jan 26, 2023

“Friendly, caring, very knowledgeable staff”

Jan 9, 2023

“Dr. Delzell is wonderful!! She is extremely thorough and her experience is very much appreciated. She was able to figure out where my injury was and for 2 years others could not. Thank you Dr. Delzell!!”

Dec 19, 2022

“Wonderful and friendly staff; very attentive and communicative; very thorough and professional. This is the way diagnostic testing should always been done and I couldn’t be more grateful! The office was also very relaxing and they played calming music during the exam and in the waiting room. They clearly care about the patient experience, which I value, but are also competent. It’s hard to find both, so thank you!”

Dec 6, 2022

“The team is not only professional but truly kind and empathetic. Their laser nerve and muscle treatments have helped accelerate healing and leave feeling better. Highly recommend this therapy.”

Nov 23, 2022

“Dr. Delzell has built a wonderful and caring team in her practice. She expertly spent abundant time making a diagnosis before initiating care. I am grateful I was referred to her.”

Nov 1, 2022

“Dr. Delzell and her staff are kind, professional, thorough, and very efficient. Highly

Aug 17, 2022

“Expert ultrasound imaging provided me with a clear picture of the bases of pain issues I’ve been having. Received documentation of underlying condition to guide my future therapy. VERY valuable. Wish I had been referred for this diagnostic insight much earlier.”

Jul 25, 2022

“I had an excellent experience at Dr. Delzell’s office. Her staff are kind, thorough, and professional. Dr. Delzell is obviously very intelligent and well educated. She reviewed my results before I left and answered all my questions. She is not a typical pain medicine physician. She looks at the big picture and what’s going with the patient as a whole. She also thinks outside the traditional medicine box for ways to help her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Delzell.”

Jul 24, 2022

“Dr Patricia Delzell is awesome. She spends plenty of time with you to understand your symptoms as well as review results from imaging test. She is very knowledgeable and was able to identify the root cause of my nerve pain that numerous other doctors in NE Ohio we’re not able to diagnose. Office staff is well organized and efficient.”

Jul 8, 2022

“Advanced MMC was recommended to me by my primary care physician last year. Having recently changed my primary care doctor getting a new perspective on a problem was a blessing. For over 10 years I had been having foot pain both feet, as well as other chronic pain in my neck back and hips. When I met with Dr. Delzell I immediately felt like she was listening to me and understood what I had been going through. Over the course of treatment, which was very through, I began to heal. I am now able to move freely without persistent pain holding me back. I am so grateful. I highly recommended Advanced MMC, you will find Dr Delzell and her staff to be kind, professional and thorough.”

Apr 19, 2022

“Dr. Delzell is amazing at what she does. She is very thorough with her patient’s care. Not one doctor in Michigan could properly diagnose the muscular skeletal tears I have in the whole year I searched for answers from a wide range of specialty doctors. Dr. Delzell was able to locate the exact tears on her ultrasound. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering in chronic pain. I am on a proper treatment plan now that she put together for my particular injuries and can now look forward to recovering thanks to this doctor!”

Apr 14, 2022

“I am so grateful for Dr. Delzell. She has been a blessing on my journey of healing. She is an expert at what she is called to do. She she is very thorough and takes the time. I really feel like she listens and cares. I have a complex diagnosis and she has been so helpful to diagnose and encourage me. I have been with several doctors in my journey and believe me when I say she has a heart of compassion and really cares about her patients. Her office staff is excellent and I feel at peace when I go there for my appointments. Dr. Delzell is always excellent with giving me follow up notes so I understand What happened at our appointments and the things that I need to do. She truly is a blessing from God and I thank the Lord for her.”


“Very detailed evaluation and understanding of the problem of my back and hip!”


“Dr. Delzell has a very peaceful and reassuring personality. My wife was amazed how she was able to read what other radiologists missed in previous studies. Thanks to her skills in ultrasound and determining what is visible on both US and MRI’s, we can go forward with planning out the next steps in my wife’s health care.”


“Dr. Delzell was extremely friendly, thorough and took her time in helping me eliminate knee
pain from a sports injury. I would recommend her to anyone.”


“Excellent service and everyone is very knowledgeable! I’ve been seeing Dr. Delzell on and off for 4 years now; every time I’ve visited, it’s been worthwhile.”


“Wonderful experience! Dr Delzell provides a professional and comfortable clinic space. She listened patiently as I explained my symptoms and reviewed previous imaging to better understand my condition. She performed a very thorough work-up and explained all relevant steps of the ultrasound-guided procedure as she went. I appreciated that she developed a detailed plan for future management/treatment and communicated it clearly. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Dr Delzell to family and friends in the future.”


“Dr Delzell conducted a thorough exam. She is knowledgeable and proficient. I felt
confident in her clinical skills and in addition she is personable and friendly.”


“Dr. Delzell is very thorough in her exam/treatment procedures. She pinpointed my shoulder pain and was able to inject and remedy my pain in that area. She knows what she’s doing. I recommend her practice.”


“After months of pain and limitations of my lower back, Dr Delzell had treated me with great success. I would highly recommend her. Thank you”


“Dr. Delzell is respectful, professional and above all else thorough in her work. Always a pleasure having her input, expertise, and guidance! Meghan, her practice manager, is very friendly and considerate of your time for scheduling and follow up. I would highly recommend her practice!”


“Dr Delzell was very sharp, I liked what she had to say and the direction to the spine doctor she was very kind and put me at ease.”


“My daughter has been suffering from constant, debilitating anterior hip pain for two years after a hip resurfacing and LFCN release from scar tissue. The pain was so bad that should she was restricted to bed and could no longer participate in school, socialize, or even sit with her family for a meal. Her doctors could not determine the source for the pain. Even after a PET/MRI showed active pain receptors at the site where she reported debilitating anterior hip pain, her sports medicine and pain management doctors as well as her peripheral nerve surgeon insisted that she was suffering from hyperalgesia and centralized pain as they could not explain why she hurt so much. Their recommendation: More physical therapy. My wife, daughter and I were very skeptical as she had participated in intense physical therapy for nine months resulting in significantly increased pain. Therefore, we did research for diagnostic ultrasound and hydro-dissection which led us to Dr. Delzell’s website. We were very impressed with her experiences, credentials, and her reviews. We contacted her office, and Meghan, the Practice Manager, was incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, well-organized, and sympathetic. She worked with us to obtain the necessary imaging and reports rapidly for Dr. Delzell to review. Dr. Delzell reviewed the information and discussed our daughter’s case in detail with us on very short notice. After that discussion, we were convinced that Dr. Delzell would be able to help us determine if there was a real, physical problem underlying our daughter’s anterior hip pain. Meghan and Dr. Delzell worked to accommodate our schedule and we flew from Californian to Ohio the next week. Dr. Delzell examined our daughter and rapidly identified that our daughter’s LFCN was extremely traumatized with scar tissue involvement and the existence of a nerve protector that had been used on her LFCN two years ago. This device was supposed to be bio-degradable and dissolve after six months. It did not. Instead, it had hardened and presented a significant irritant to the nerve resulting in severe inflammation. Several previous doctors performing ultrasound and other imaging of the area had missed this critical problem. Not only did she identify these issues quickly, but she did so while establishing a good, positive rapport with our daughter, who had become cynical, after so many doctors were unable to help her or even identify the problem. Establishing rapport was essential in our daughter’s willingness to try several injections to the area to reduce the inflammation and dynamic tethering causing her pain. Dr. Delzell was able to perform the injections rapidly and accurately minimizing the time to complete the procedures and therefore, reducing the time our daughter would have to suffer from the pain of the injections. Furthermore, Dr, Delzell prescribed topical medication to reduce the pain, that previous physicians never mentioned and then provided us several referrals to very good surgeons for follow up regarding possible surgery to remove the nerve protector. Dr. Delzell was able accomplish in one week, what nine physicians from orthopedics/sports medicine, pain management and neurosurgery from three top tier, tertiary care centers could not accomplish in two years: Consolidate my daughter’s medical information, analyze it, and successfully perform diagnostic imaging to identify the sources of her constant pain, provide therapies to treat these conditions and references to surgeons for further review and resolution. When you read about the greatness of American medicine, Dr. Delzell, and her staff, make that claim a reality.”


“Advanced MMC creates an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Delzell is talented, efficient, and has an excellent bedside manner. Services are robust with transparent and fair pricing. Front-office staff is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend this practice.”


“The entire staff very professional. Dr. Delzell allows plenty of time for questions and answers. I am a private person and I very much appreciate the fact that Dr. Delzell understands this. She made the room calming with aromatherapy and music that calmed me. She let me know what to expect throughout treatment. I can’t say enough about the quality and care she provided. It is very evident that professionalism.is her top priority.”


“From the initial phone call, the office manager, Nicki, made me feel very comfortable and positive about the services that Dr. Delzell offers. We played phone tag for a few days and Nicki was accommodating and patient while scheduling the appointment. I was offered a free phone consultation with Dr. Delzell, who answered all of my questions and gave me a thorough explanation of the use of imaging technology to diagnose the underlying cause of pain. During my appointment, Dr. Delzell explained the what and why of each step and of the treatment plan, giving me great hope for restoring healthy function to my body. I am thankful to my referring physician, Dr Truax, and to Dr. Delzell for their commitment to finding and treating the underlying cause of pain. I am grateful to Nicki, for the patience and kindness she showed me. If you have unresolved pain, I strongly recommend meeting with Dr. Delzell.”


“Dr Delzell provided an extremely thorough review of my very complex case of groin and hip pain. She looked at all imaging and even made efforts to get prior ultrasounds to compare. We first had a telemedicine visit to review everything; I then had an in person visit and very complete MSK ultrasound trying to elucidate pain drivers. Her immediate very detailed notes are sent to all coordinating physicians to provide continuity of care. She also has an important niche in this area of medicine as not only is she obviously very adept at ultrasound, but has an integrative medicine approach to the patient with her training in this area. She refers to kinetic specialists as well to provide a more multidisciplinary approach that is lacking in this area of medicine. She is easy to reach, and makes a quick effort to connect with others in my care. I truly appreciate all the time and effort to help me.”


“I strongly recommend Dr. Delzell for anyone who suffers with chronic pain. Dr. Delzell is as compassionate as she is skilled. Don’t give up, give her a chance to help you. My follow up visits with Dr. Delzell have lasted over an hour as confronts both the physical and emotional aspects of chronic pain.”


“Very good at diagnosing soft tissue injuries especially hamstrings.”


“Knowledgeable and innovative. Dr Delzell uncovered multiple soft tissue issues in my neck shoulder, which no one else has in many years of searching (including Mayo Clinic). Hoping targeting these muscles in my treatment will finally lead to lasting health.”


“Nikki was so amazingly helpful in scheduling my appt. I came from FL so it meant so much she took the time she did to help. And Dr Delzell!! There are no words for my gratitude for her! She found issues no one else found on imaging. I’ve been in debilitating pain for a year and a half and she has helped figure out a piece of the puzzle. There are simply no words to express my gratitude! I could not recommend Dr Delzell enough.”


“Dr. Delzell is such a great doctor. I have had a severe injury for a couple of years and I met her for the first time in 2018 for an ultrasound and she is so kind. Her bed side manner is top notch. Three years later, I needed my past injury to be looked at again and she was the only one I trusted to help find the root cause of my continuous pain. Dr. Delzell is very thorough in her exam and makes you feel very relaxed. Her right hand Nikki at the front desk is absolutely amazing and has helped me so much getting personal records etc. I appreciate the both of them for their welcoming hospitality and kindness 😊”


“I have had two separate lower extremity problems that I had Dr. Delzell evaluate. The first was posterior right hip pain that was causing discomfort down my right leg, especially while driving. She evaluated my hip by ultrasound and noted a thickened ligament that was pressing on my nerve. She injected it with a steroid, but the injection was not uncomfortable. In fact, when she got to the right place on the ultrasound, I could feel it was the right place. After one injection she sent me to physical therapy. Within two months, the problem of driving cleared up. The second visit was to evaluate my left knee after a jumping injury. I was hoping she could find and inject something, and I would be on my way. However, in her ultrasound evaluation, she noted a problem within my knee and decided to order an MRI. She was correct. I had a problem with my meniscus and a piece of cartilage floating in my knee. She recommended a great surgeon who did a great job and four weeks after the surgery I am nearly back to normal. I trust that Dr. Delzell will only do procedures that are actually appropriate to do. That is why I have no hesitation to recommend Dr. Delzell to my friends and patients since I have also been her patient.”

-Rob Truax, D.O.