What our Physician Say!

Dr Delzell is an exceptional Physician, with advanced knowledge of MSK medicine and ultrasound. When I have tough cases I ask her for help and suggestions, and have no doubt patients are in great hands at Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants.

Dr. Morgan Oberle, MD
Sports Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

As the medical director of a surgical clinic and an ambulatory surgery center that attracts patients from all over the world, it is imperative to associate only with medical support groups that demonstrate excellence in their respective fields. The high standards that have propelled us to be recognized as a center of excellence for hernia surgery must be reflected by the consults we often refer our patients to for various studies. It is my privilege to single out Dr. Patricia Delzell from Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants as a premier radiologist who has provided an invaluable service to us with her outstanding ultrasound studies. I have referred countless patients to her over the years and have been amazed at the quality of her reports. I would rank her as among the best when compared to other radiologist reports I have received for patients from across this country. Moreover, the ease of booking patient consultations with her, the prompt reporting of the studies and her availability to personally discuss any of the reports is critical to our ability to provide timely care for our patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Patricia Delzell to any physician who is in need of an ultrasound study for a patient.

Dr. David Grischkan, MD
Director, Hernia Center of Ohio

I met Dr. Delzell at a school function and we had a great discussion about musculoskeletal medicine. I realized that her skill in musculoskeletal ultrasound and treatment was something desperately needed, but not routinely available. She can evaluate and treat a wide range of conditions, often far better than with the use of an MRI. Her ability and precision to do real-time functional evaluation, as well as use the asymptomatic side for comparison, is not available elsewhere. I have taken courses in musculoskeletal ultrasound as a sports medicine physician, but to have an interventional radiologist perform the study takes the ultrasound to another level. I have sent her patients and some return to me having been evaluated, but not treated. If the patient still has some muscle imbalances that need further rehabilitation, she will tell them. She doesn’t want to do a procedure just to have muscles imbalances undermine it, requiring a repeated procedure. I also appreciate her integrative medicine training. Before meeting Dr. Delzell, I would send patients to Interventional Radiology, who would perform the procedure I asked and that is all they do. It’s great having another set of clinical eyes. My clinic is primarily one of using osteopathic manipulative treatments to treat, and it helps a majority of my patients. Having Dr. Delzell to help me out with the tougher cases is a great asset to my practice. I am confident when I send my patients to her, she will put their best interest first.

Dr Rob Truax, DO
Sports Medicine Connor Integrative Health Center,
University Hospitals