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Yoga Guidance

Do you hold stress in your body? Perhaps in your neck or pelvic/hip muscles? Meditation has been shown to help relax muscles and decrease pain perception by up to 25%. It can help to decrease your need for medication or at least optimize the way the medication works. For chronic pain, guided meditations seem to be most effective, but everyone is different and can change over time. Try some of the tips below to see what works for you.

Daily Stretches and muscle health guidance

A muscle pain flare is defined as an exacerbation or worsening of what may already be minor pain. However, people may use various timeframes for what is considered to be a flare, but usually, it can be several weeks of the symptoms worsening. A shorter period is considered waxing and waning of the symptoms, but that depends on the type of muscular pain being felt.

Times of isolation, such as during an illness or staying indoors mostly during winter, can also lead to a pain flare, usually of old joint and muscle injuries. That is why it is important for people to keep moving even if their bodies do not want to move. Even if scar tissue has been minimized, pain associated with the scar can still resurface when you get out of your rhythm and routine. It is best for your physical and mental health to avoid large fluctuations in your pain cycle by staying in your routine.

So, the question is, how do you manage or even avoid those flares?

Biotensegrity and myofascial chains: A global approach to an integrated kinetic chain

What is the kinetic chain? How do the muscles, fascia and neurovascular network work together to help us move our bodies in synchronization? Read why it is important to evaluate, condition, and in a dysfunctional state, treat the whole kinetic chain within a biotensegrity system as opposed to an individual muscle to have the best outcomes.