Payment Information

AMMC welcomes patients either through self-referral or a referral from a physician or other medical caregiver. Should your caregiver have questions or would like to make a referral, please contact us at 440-557-5011 or through our Contact page.

While we do not accept insurance, we do accept a variety of payment types, including HSA cards, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, check or cash. To help facilitate insurance reimbursement, we will provide you with a superbill to submit to private insurance carriers to receive reimbursement for out-of-network office visits or treatment.

To secure a pain consultation appointment starting January 1, 2023, a down-payment of $375.00 is required. This down-payment is essential due to the substantial time commitment involved, including a comprehensive review of records and imaging prior to the visit, as well as the allocation of 3-hour time slots. Please note that the down-payment becomes non-refundable in the event of appointment cancellation.





Initial Pain Consultation Program

• Initial Consultation (1 telehealth visit; 1 in-office visit)
• Diagnostic Ultrasound
• In-Depth Nutritional Assessment
• 2 Follow-up Telehealth Visits
• One-on-One Phone calls with Dr. Delzell as needed
• Comprehensive Pain Treatment Plan

3-month initial treatment plan; no time limit on visits

Ultrasound-guided needle treatments, injections, IR Laser or Acupressure are not included (these are an additional cost because not every patient requires these types of treatments)

Follow-Up Program


Includes 5 follow-up visits telehealth or in the office.

Additional diagnostic ultrasounds or in office treatments are not included

Nutritional Support Program (with a dedicated Health Coach)



  • 5-30 minute follow up telehealth visits- 1 per month for 5 months
  • 2-30 minute follow up telehealth visits- 1 every 3 months for 6 months

After your in-depth nutritional assessment, it may be beneficial to have regular visits to help implement any nutritional modifications that take time to change in your routine. This program is designed to provide that support for a year after your initial assessment

Limited Mind-Body Program (Acupressure/QiGong Program)



  • 5 weekly Acupressure Sessions
  • Progressive Qi Gong Home Sessions
  • Self-acupressure Instruction

Aromatherapy included if desired.

Read More about Mind-Body Support.


Complete Mind-Body Program


Includes all services in the Limited Mind-Body Program


  • 2-In Office Breathing Technique Sessions
  • 3-In Office  Meditation Sessions

This is a progressive program that starts with basic breathing and will guide you through to moving, then seated meditations.

Books/Readings prior to the meditation piece will be suggested.

Aromatherapy included, if desired.

Read More about Mind-Body Support.



AMMC Provides multiple treatment programs, depending on your specific needs.

Non-Neuropathy Neuropathy
$14.00 per minute**
Includes ultrasound scar mapping at the initial visit.

$250.00 Peripheral Neuropathy Consultation Fee *

$14.00 per minute**

*A consultation for peripheral neuropathy will include a review of medical records, encompassing laboratory results, electromyography (EMG) findings, and a comprehensive neurological examination. Subsequent to this evaluation, a recommended treatment plan will be provided (which can include additional interpretation of laboratory results and management of supplements). Should infrared (IR) laser therapy be deemed appropriate, $100.00 of the consultation fee will be credited towards the initial IR Laser Treatment.

**Charges are based on the actual run time of the IR Laser. Typically, treatments can last anywhere from 6 to 30 minutes.





Pain Consultation



  • Diagnostic Ultrasound and Interpretation
  • Review of imaging and clinical notes prior to the appointment
  • Comprehensive treatment plan.

Fees vary based on the complexity of the issue determined from clinical notes and referral

Ultrasound-guided needle treatments, injections, IR Laser or Acupressure are not included (these are an additional cost because not every patient requires these types of treatments)

Diagnostic Ultrasound
(fee per ultrasound area)


Fees vary based on the complexity of the issue determined from clinical notes and referral

Ultrasound-guided procedures (fee per injection) $550.00-750.00

Fees vary based on the complexity and length of the procedure

In-Depth Nutritional Assessment



  • Nutritional Intake assessment
  • Current Medication review
  • Current supplement and botanical review
  • Vitamin & Mineral level review*
  • Modification recommendations

*Does not include fee for lab draw (usually covered by insurance)

​See the Nutritional Support Program Below for continued support in implementing your nutritional modification plan.

Established Patient Follow-up $105.00/15min.  
Second Opinion Musculoskeletal CT and MRI Radiologic Interpretation $250.00/study  
* No Show/ Cancellation Policy:

NO SHOW: In consideration of the allocated time and scheduling constraints, in the event of a missed appointment, a pre-payment equivalent to one hour of the reserved time slot will be required to reschedule. This fee will be applied to the final bill upon completion of the appointment

CANCELLATION: After two cancellations, rescheduling will require a prepayment of all or a portion of the initial office visit fee.

DOWN-PAYMENT: Should you opt not to reschedule, the initial appointment’s down-payment and all associated fees are non-refundable. This is due to the time and effort invested in preparation of your appointment.

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